The New Experience System

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The New Experience System

Postby STClari » December 17th, 2013, 1:36 am

5 points starting - For this all you have to do is show up to the game.

1 point for Down Time’s submitted on time. The Tuesday before Game. - By submitting the down time you provide staff with what your actions are, and material for us to build stories off of for your enjoyment.

1 point for Rumors submitted to staff. - Rumors qualify as events that are happening in the real world for what can be in the news of Via Nox. These can also be things you have heard in game about fellow characters or things you have made up based on assumptions about other characters in the game.

1 point for costume - This means that you are actively changing your clothes to suit your character. You do not look like you.

1 point for player to player interaction at game or on the forums. - What this means. Your Role playing interactions both at game and on the forums do count.

1 point for nomination for damn fine Role play. - Players as well as staff can nominate you for an Experience Point for your excellence in portraying your character and bringing part of the story of Via Nox to life.

for a total of 10 points - This means That if you hand in rumors, a down time, show up at game, in costume, and Role play providing some seriously excellent interactions. That you can walk away with the full 10 points of experience for that session. This also does mean that if you only do Rumors, a Down Time, and roleplay on the forums. That you will get 3 Experience Points towards your characters total at sign in.

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