New Status Rules

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New Status Rules

Postby Narrator Nick » May 22nd, 2014, 12:09 am

Status applies to all social (non-discipline) draws within that group.
We are using the Status System out of the Red book (pg 131 -133) with some minor changes

Increase and decrease:

The Harpy has 5 dots to manipulate city status.
The Primogen have 4 dots as a group to manipulate city status

City Status (how well known/respected you are in this city)

1. Acknowledged
2. Distinguished individual
3. Sheriff, Harpy, Keeper, Seneschal
4. Primogen
5. Prince

Cam Status (how well known you are in the Camarilla)

1. Known Camarilla member, distinguished individual
2. Known throughout the state. (most Camarilla Primogen members and new Princes)
3. Known throughout the nation. (distinguished or long term Princes)
4. Archon
5. Justicar

Clan Status (how distinguished/known you are with your clan)

NOTE: Clan status can only be gained by actual clan members.
1. Known Clan Member
2. Known throughout the state or Distinguished Clan member or Prestigious bloodline
3. Known Throughout the Nation or Highly distinguished clan member
4. Name is known by whole clan
5. Name appears in books and clan Lore

The Status listed above is a constantly fluctuating system as such status city, clan, and cam will not be a cost merit. You will be awarded the status upon proper notification to staff from either harpy or clan.

If a position is gained or lost your city status will immediately change to the appropriate new city status.

The dots listed for the manipulation of city status are usable once per session. for example if the harpy uses a dot to raise a status 1 to a status 2. He has used one of his five dots for that session.

There is a limit of 1 raise/lower max per month for any one individual. A harpy can take someone from city status one to city status 2 but no more for that month.

No one but the prince of the city may remove the last dot of someone's city status. If the prince does this that person is considered blood hunted.

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Re: New Status Rules

Postby Narrator Nick » May 22nd, 2014, 12:10 am

Clan Status

Clan Status is concerned with lineage and the Blood. At the outset of a chronicle, a Kindred’s standing often reflects the prestige her sire has gained and passed along, such as with regard to the Ventrue. Many assume that childer who were Embraced by powerful and influential members of the clan have already shown some special quality or excellence, otherwise they would not have been chosen by so great a sire. This kind of recognition is short lived, however. A neonate might enjoy prestige by association under the purview of her sire, but such a favored childe is expected to make a name for herself. Vampires who truly embody the ideals of their clan and who establish themselves in positions of power and influence (often as Primogen) gain the respect of others in their clan, being perceived as models for success. While the Toreador tell tales of particularly vicious Harpies of distant cities, the Gangrel speak of brooding hulks who confidently brave the Lupine-infested wilds alone. Those who diverge from the expected behavior of the clan in remarkable ways gain renown (or notoriety), as well, perhaps founding bloodlines that become known to vampire society as a whole.

Clan Status is not so rigidly defined as City Status. While individual clan titles might arise, the notion of esteem is more general in this context.

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Re: New Status Rules

Postby Narrator Nick » May 22nd, 2014, 12:11 am

City Status

City Status represents a vested responsibility and according acknowledgement in the affairs of a domain. Regardless of clan and covenant, certain individuals rise to the top of the social or feudal strata, exemplary because of their efforts in the name of the domain as a whole. Princes, Regents, Primogen, Harpies and other “officers” of a given domain fit this description.
Additionally, City Status represents those Kindred who aren’t part of the prevailing social structure, but who nonetheless have significant esteem, sway or reputation among the Kindred. In some cases, City Status is very much a chicken-and-egg situation — does Prince Maxwell have City Status 5 because he’s Prince, or did his accumulated City Status result in his claiming praxis? In other cases, City Status obviously reflects accomplishment, as with a political activist who has many mortal supporters — but those supporters obviously didn’t join his cause because they knew he was a vampire. Harpies, in particular, make much of these distinctions, but some speculate that that’s because their own Status falls under the definition of City Status.

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Re: New Status Rules

Postby Narrator Nick » January 14th, 2015, 10:06 pm

The benefits that are listed under cam status are now used under city status with a few changes. This is to reflect the fact that the Cam is a world wide organization and having status in that really does not effect your ability in your city or others. While city status does reflect this much better. Remember though that getting these benifits only happens while you are currently that status. If you lose status out goes that levels benefits as well.

Here is the new benefits for City Status:

Status 1: You are not actively hunted within the city, this is benefit enough.
Status 2: Your freedom of movement within the city is sufficient that you have less trouble meeting with individuals of interest to you. The Contacts Merits may now be purchased at half cost.
Status 3: You are established within the city and may now reap the benefits of what you have sewn. You may purchase the Herd Merit at half cost.
Status 4: You are so deeply entrenched in the affairs of the city that power flows in your direction with your even trying. Select one sphere of the Influence Merit and raise it by one dot to a maximum of 3.
Status 5: Status of this level is its own benefit.

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