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Postby NarratorDrew » February 14th, 2013, 5:16 pm

This is the current player Roster. The Player name is first in parentheses followed by the Character name.

(April Montgomery) - Pashira
(Telka Hartley) - Keon Hayes
(Tony DeFilipo) - Leopold
(Bryan Murphy) - Dante Carbone
(Jess Powell) - Trish
(Sandra Powell) - Navi Sankar
(Sara Rechenmacher) - Angelica
(Kelsan Conekin) - Harley
(Stephanie Rennolds) - Sam McAllister
(Chris Janes) - Tycofus Zator
(Justin Rauckhorst) - Mathias
(Mike Hunt) - Antonio Giovanni
(Isaac Stevenson) - Jeff Tanner
(Jermalle Freeman) - Altair
(Brittany Freeman) - Aries
(Chris Powell) - Jeremiah Sinclare
(Dave Schrenk) - Father Alexander
(Grin Kestrel) - Ben Durans
(Scott Young) - Mikael Zerbst
(Kit Kage) - Fay Schultz
(Charles McCoy) - Andrew Donne
(Richard Miller) - Albrecht Steiner
(Daniel) - Dane McCorth
(Jamie Linsner) - Geralt de Rivere
(Hilary Leonard) - Priscilla LeFley
(John Montgomery) - Joshua Byzaine
(Craig Pyles) - Dean

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Re: Roster

Postby ST-Savi » February 17th, 2016, 8:34 am

***Updated 2/17/16***
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