February 12 to February 25

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February 12 to February 25

Postby ST-Savi » February 16th, 2016, 5:12 am

The rich scent of fine tobacco hangs in the air of the Imperial Lounge. The refined sound of jazz softly slithers from hidden speakers, seeming to slip under, around and through the tendrils of smoke with lazily float through the room. Added to the jazz are the sounds of discreet if pleasant conversation and the click of billiard balls colliding. All the sounds combine into a nocturne both ominous and refined, the perfectly tuned to accompany the ghouls and Kindred of the city as they alternately plot and play.

There are new guards at the doors to the entrance to the Imperial Lounge. As at the entrance to the mortal portion of the Club, and at the Imperial Lounge entrance stands an expensive sign, prominently visible but not overly garish. In delicate scripting reads:

Robusto Club requires gentlemen to wear collared shirts and jackets and women in appropriate cocktail attire. Tee shirts, athletic attire/sneakers, shorts and flip flops are strictly prohibited. The staff of Robusto Club reserves the right to deny entrance to any patron who does not meet the requirements of our dress code.
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Re: February 12 to February 25

Postby Tycofus Zator » February 18th, 2016, 5:33 pm

Tycofus enters the bar, and nods to the staff as he passes by wearing one of his usual suits and heads to one of the back tables to sit and looking over things in his cell phone.
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